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Let's go into the
Sector 1
(aka Events)

Below is a list of the various events we will be hosting on board the ship and on the private island.

2025 Seoul, South Korea Group Trip Raffle

There will be a raffle  event on board

where you can win a spot on Smart Bird World Travel's 2025 Seoul Group trip. This includes flights and accommodations.

Kpop Silent Disco

We will be having another fun dance/club night hosting multiple channels of various Korean Music.

Concert and K drama Streaming

Kick Back and Relax with us while we stream some popular dramas throughout the trip. We will also have streamings of various concerts you and fellow fans can enjoy together in the ships theatre.

Gimbap Cooking Demonstratio

Onboard chefs will do a demonstration on how to make the popular Korean Dish Gimbap this will be followed by a tasting.

Kpop Random Dance Party 

You Know It! We Love It! It's everyones favorite activity where you can show off the moves you've learned from some fan favorites Kpop songs.

Fan Card Exchange 

Missing that one Felix photo card you've been looking for? Well bring your photo cards onboard and join us for a trading event! 

Group Karaoke Night

Come sing with us during this private event for those participating in the fan experience event.

Kpop Trivia Contest

Join us for a fun game a Kpop trivia where you can win some awesome prizes!

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